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Myra's Mountain Retreat Amenities

Myra's Mountain Retreat has lots of amenities to take advantage of when you stay with us.


Wireless internet is provided via satellite by Starlink. The network name is MMR Starlink. We typically get over 100 Mb download speeds and 15 to 20 Mb upload speeds (picture shows our old HughesNet router).


There are three TVs in the house - a 55" LG 4K smart TV in the den, a 55" Visio TV in basement and a 32" Samsung TV in the master bedroom. All receive high definition TV via an over-the-air (OTA) HD antenna on the roof. This is not cable or dish satellite TV. Given that it is OTA, reception is subject to environmental conditions - primarily rain but also clouds. We do typically receive NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, and their digital subchannels like MyTV, Laff, Grit, etc. Attached to the den and master bedroom TV is a Roku streaming box. If you stream at home and have accounts with streaming services like Netflix, HBONow, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN you are free to log into your accounts and utilize either the Wi-fi or Verizon LTE signal to stream your favorite shows.

Telephone Services

Myra's Mountain Retreat has a landline. Number is 479-963-2185. Cell service is spotty for all carriers except for Verizon. We've installed a cell signal booster for Verizon as that is our personal carrier. We typically get at least 3 bars in and around the house.


The house comes equipped with a nice Weber gas grill and grilling utensils.


The rental includes 3 radio/CD players in the master bedroom, basement and den respectively. The unit in the den is a Bose Wave unit that sounds the best of all.

Games, Videos and Books

The rental includes some board games like Scrabble, Yahtzee, Jenga and over 100 family-friendly Blu-ray and DVDs to watch in the Sony Blu-ray players attached to the TVs in both the den and basement. Books are available in both the upstairs built-ins and downstairs bookcase. Please leave games, movies and books for other guests.

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